What we do. Who we are.

What we do.

Elevate Technologies Corporation is a society-minded, consumer-focused, manufacturer of smart, rechargeable and solar-energy products.

Our direct-current products are used when an unreliable & costly electric grid affects people at home & work.

Our founder: John Ellenberger

With over three decades of experience, John has a record of innovation and leadership with roles in research & development, operations and support functions, marketing, sales, and executive management. He has demonstrated his ability to bring product ideas to life and inspire teams to obtain high levels of customer satisfaction at locally-owned and global companies.

But John’s greatest desire is to bring glory to God by creating quality goods and services that solve customer needs – and by empowering the Elevate Technologies Team and it’s Partners to achieve excellence. Feel free to get in touch with John – he loves speaking with customers.




Who we are.

Our Vision: We view ourselves as a social enterprise focusing on three tenets: People, Products and Giving.

Elevate People: Elevate Products: Elevate Giving:
Give People Choice. Create products that offer new advantages. Invest profits in people by creating career opportunity.
Give people the ability to save their hard-earned money. Create products that help people.  Invest profits in people by providing business opportunity. 
Give people the opportunity to live better. Create a better society by being stewards of our natural resources.  Invest profits in products that utilize renewable energy. 
    Share profits with like-minded organizations.


Patented Technology:

Patent 10,910,833     Patent 10,014,683     Patent 10,784,680     Patent 10,461,531


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