It's Smart

InteliEnergy. Designed to be Smart.

Engineered with patented technology, purpose-driven functionality and essential features to keep you living or working when without electricity.

Smart Technology. Smart Functionality. Smart Features.



Smart Technology.


The Fastest Solar Charge.

If you require solar charging, one of the biggest problems is when you need sunshine the most – you have it the least – at night or during winter. And even in summer,  “ideal or sufficient” solar conditions last only four hours each day.


Our patented charging technology helps during “reduced or insufficient” solar charging conditions. This is a big part of a day.  Our battery charging time is 3X faster than our competitors. Our technology matters when living with an unreliable electricity grid, because a faster battery charge means living and working is less affected by solar charging conditions.

Self-Identifies the Battery Type.

Another patented feature is the Smart Battery Charger. It self-identifies the type of batteries being used as you place them in the lamp. It first identifies the battery type such as Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium Ion (LiIon),  Alkaline and Lithium Metal. Then, the Smart Lamp determines if it’s a chargeable battery.  After that, it applies the correct charge algorithm to that specific battery type. 


Mixed Battery Recharging Protection.

As a safety measure, yet another patented technology involves mixing rechargeable batteries, called mixed-chemistry. If you were to place different battery types in the Smart Lamp, it identifies the mixed-chemistry of these different battery types. In certain cases the Smart Lamp will not attempt to charge them because mixed-chemistry can cause batteries to overheat, leak – even explode. The Smart Lamp protects you, children and employees from harm – while it protects your investment.


Temperature-based Battery Charging.

InteliEnergy’s charging technology includes temperature-based battery charging. This means, the Smart Lamp automatically compensates the charge level based on the temperature of the batteries. A little known characteristic of battery charging is when batteries get warm, about 32°C (90°F) the battery may not fully charge. To compensate for this, the Smart Lamp automatically increases voltage thresholds to determine the level needed for a full charge.


Battery Heat Safeguards.

Heat safeguards are important if the batteries ever become too hot when charging. This happens to all recharging products including the Smart Lamp. If left sitting in the sun or in a very hot room, the batteries can get too hot.  But the Smart Lamp will automatically stop charging and alert you.  When the batteries cool, it automatically starts charging again. That’s smart.


And it’s a Universal Battery Charger. 

The Smart Lamp actually is a Universal Battery Charger. It allows you to recharge all AA batteries for home and work electronics like flashlights, remote controls or your computer’s mouse.

Smart Technology.

Elevate Technologies Corporation understands the constraints
of living with an unavailable, unreliable or costly electricity grid.
We designed technology in the Smart Lamp to do everything
you need – and everything you didn’t know you need.


Smart Functionality.



Designed with you in mind.

• The ergonomic design of the stylish Table Lamp model is portable to carry where you need light.
• The Wall Lamp model is stationary and placed higher on a wall or ceiling.
• Lamp Shade Visor reduces glare and is removable.
• Swivel Arm rotates left & right to direct lighting.
• Adjustable Lamp Shade tilts up & down to direct lighting.
• USB Cable Wrap keeps your USB Cable tidy when charging.
• With the supplied Wall Mount your Smart Lamp can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. 



Smart Functionality.

InteliEnergy products are designed where form and
function connect to create a more useful, long-lasting
and quality rechargeable lamp. Our competitors say they
do this. We prove it.


Smart Features.



Every product gets this. It’s everything you want. Everything you need.

• 3 Brightness settings (High, Medium, Low)

• Choose Bright Light (5000K) or Warm Light (3200K) Color Temperature.
  Bright Light on High is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb.  High: 200 Lumens;  Medium: 120 Lumens;  Low: 60 Lumens
  – Warm Light on High is equivalent to a 50W incandescent bulb.  High:165  Lumens;  Medium: 100 Lumens;  Low 50 Lumens

• The Smart Lamp will last 4-Hours on High Setting and at least 18-Hours on Low using LFP Batteries.

• Indicator Lights provide advanced function and status information.

• USB Device Charging. Charge your smart phone or tablet from the USB port.
   Features auto-shut off when the battery charge has 45 minutes remaining on high brightness setting.

• Built in 2-Hour Timer. Options to change light settings or cancel the timer.

• 3 charging methods: AC Power, Solar Charging and USB Power Source such as a computer.   

• No-Fail, Finger Touch Controls like a Smart Phone

• Microprocessor controlled with solid state circuitry.


Smart Features.

Can a feature be smart? With InteliEnergy, we think it can.
Especially when it adds value to your rechargeable lamp
without adding cost.  We feel strongly that value for your
money matters. It matters so much – it’s part of our culture. 


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